Welcome To The Party x TEAMPND x OMO

To the girl who wants to hear PARTY's speaking voice, if you download The Jahron B. Collection mixtape, in a few songs and interludes, he's speaking. Slow It Down is one of the songs.

^^ You can do that also

are there any pnd interviews floating around? i really wanna know what his speaking voice sounds like lol

This isn’t an interview but it’s a video of him talking a little bit while signing stuff at a WYLAT show lol

What has happened to the video to Over Here?

Not sure, but I’m guessing it’s probably not going to be released.

July 29th

partyomo1 x Wale collab.

Kylie Jenner and friend singing “Recognize”, yesterday. 

PARTY in LA. | via. @enzodegrees IG.

PARTY with Omarion and a fan last night in LA.

Can you explain what FÈRINA means/is?

We have to wait until Party decides to tell us fans what it means

Do you think there's a chance that partynextdoor might perform at at least one of the dates of the Kotf tour ?

No, he will not be performing at any of the kotf shows.