Welcome To The Party x TEAMPND x OMO

"Blowin’ grams, I’m tree high" | @daocow PND2 fan art

PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO is #3 overall and #1 R&B/Soul. Let’s get it to #1 overall!

PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO is now available on iTunes! If you haven’t copped it yet, go do it now.. Let’s go!

Countdown to PND2 @ midnight!

im just so glad i found this blog, thanks for all of this you guys❤️

Awww thanks :) but we are nothing without the support from all the fans, so thank you!


The book we made for partyomo1. Thanks to everyone that participated, you guys are truly amazing. We can’t wait till he sees it.

To the girl who wants to hear PARTY's speaking voice, if you download The Jahron B. Collection mixtape, in a few songs and interludes, he's speaking. Slow It Down is one of the songs.

^^ You can do that also

are there any pnd interviews floating around? i really wanna know what his speaking voice sounds like lol

This isn’t an interview but it’s a video of him talking a little bit while signing stuff at a WYLAT show lol

What has happened to the video to Over Here?

Not sure, but I’m guessing it’s probably not going to be released.